Haden Garrett is a Houston-based sculptor, welder, metal smith and designer. He specializes in working with reclaimed, recycled and repurposed metal and found industrial steel, and the fabrication of large-scale outdoor sculptures and public art, and has worked with artists Hana Hillerova, Matthew Geller, Lynne McCabe, Carl Suddath and Jillian Conrad, among others. Haden’s experience also extends to custom metal design and repair for interior designers, architectural firms, and private clients. He has also done commissioned design work for theatre production companies and restaurants and his clients have included Found for the Home, Eleanor Cummings Interior Design, The D & T Drive Inn, Downhouse Restaurant, MetaLab, and the Alley Theatre, among others. With a background in film production at the University of Texas at Austin, he has worked in the film and television industry on production design, set construction, and art directing.